Who Are You Supporting? Children and families

Meet Oliver. Oliver began receiving services through our Early Intervention Program as an infant. Thanks to Georgia’s Child Find Program, families who have a child who is born with a disability receive information about our Babies Can’t Wait Early Intervention Program while still in the hospital.

Children born with Downs Syndrome want to do what all children want to do; they want to sit, crawl, walk, explore their environment and interact with the people around them. To do that, they need to develop their gross motor skills. Because of certain physical characteristics like low muscle tone, increased joint flexibility and decreased strength, children with Downs Syndrome don’t develop motor skills in the same way that a typically developing child does. But that didn’t stop Ollie! He received physical and occupational therapy to develop his fine and gross motor skills. Before too long, Ollie was sitting, crawling and walking! Ollie is about to graduate from our Early Intervention Program and will soon be attending a neighborhood Pre-school program where he will continue to grow and thrive. Easterseals Babies Can’t Wait Program provide critical early intervention that will ensure that Ollie will help him meet with success in school and in life.